The association of criadores of the Race Prat founds in 1985 with the aim to conserve and spread all the glorious qualities of this race and promote the Fair Avícola that comes celebrating ininterrumpidamente from thirty years ago.

It is by all this that the association pretends that his associated procure the crianza of the chickens hens and capones following some strict recommendations that affect to the mulch, the conditions of the terrain, the humidities, the temperature, the ventilation of the coops, the quality of the water and the type of natural diet, as well as some conditions of liberty that are fundamental to the hour to value, once in the table, the quality of a lunch of big prestige, recognised by the Geographic Indication Protected (IGP) "Chicken of the Race Prat". The Association follows the process from the same moment to hand the chicks with the vaccinations recommended sanitariamente.

The Geographic Indication Protected guarantees with these measures the corresponding quality to the gastronomic prestige livestock from the work of the agriculture and the predilection of the best professionals of our cookery, that so many times have inspired by the most traditional recipes.

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