This year we arrive to the edition number 40 of the Fair Avícola. What far remains already that second edition around the middle of the decade of seventies of the past century, in that with more will that hit a group of...
Los Potablava a viernes de TV3

The Potablava to Friday of TV3

In June of 2012 visited our population the program of TV3 Friday and of course the Potablava also were leading.
25 Aniversario Asociación de Criadores del Pollo y Capón

25 Anniversary Association of Criadores of the Chicken and Capón

This year we have celebrated our 25 anniversary with big enthusiasm and with a lot of satisfaction by all what has occurred until the day of today. This celebration has been possible thanks to the endeavour and sacrifice of all...
Premio Ciudad del Prat 2010

I reward City of the Prat 2010

The day 16 April received the Prize City of the Prat, the Association of Criadores Race Prat, by his work in the promotion and conservation of the Potablava, that has become symbol of the city of The Prat.
Feria de la ciudad de valles

Fair of the city of valleys

Of the day 22 to 24 January celebrate the XXIII Exposure - International contest of Birds of Race "City of Valls II monograph of hens of Catalan Races And National Championship of Catalan Races: • Race... - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat