25 Anniversary Association of Criadores of the Chicken and Capón

25 Aniversario Asociación de Criadores del Pollo y Capón

This year we have celebrated our 25 anniversary with big enthusiasm and with a lot of satisfaction by all what has occurred until the day of today. This celebration has been possible thanks to the endeavour and sacrifice of all the components of the Association and of the criadores, that have cabbage • laborat desinteresadamente.

Besides, in April receive the prize City of the Prat in recognition of the work made in these twenty-one five years. Among the activities that have programmed with motive of our 25 anniversary, want to stand out the following:

1. The 37ª edition of the Fair Avícola, that celebrate a year more, as we have done it during all these years
2. The preparation of a cookbook
3. The preparation of the genealogical book of the chickens of Race Prat (although we are working)
4. The concession for the construction of a coop, awarded by the City council of The Prat.

As it can see, have sufficient motives and reasons for this satisfaction. Therefore we want to take advantage of the occasion to thank all those that have contributed to do that all this was possible. We look forward to to have the collaboration • collaboration of all to be able to follow progressing in the main function of the Association, that is not another that conserve and spread the glorious qualities of this race in all the national field.

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