This year we arrive to the edition number 40 of the Fair Avícola. What far remains already that second edition around the middle of the decade of seventies of the past century, in that with more will that hit a group of peasants, pushed
By the incombustible spirit of Rosa Álvarez, jointed hardly some dozens of roosters and hens of The Prat and restarted the annual celebration of an exposure-contest of chickens that had celebrated a first edition in the frame of the Main Party of 1941.

That second Concurs-Exposició of the Raça Prat, that hardly lasted what gave of himself the diurnal light of 14 December 1976, carried out in the porch of what in the period was known like Municipal Cultural centre of Culture (today Tower Balcells). The main core was conformed by some old exposed cages of rudimentary form so that the visitors could contemplate the majesty of our birds.

The river of the times spent us, some years afterwards, to the creation of the Associació of Criadors, with all the criadores/ace and institutions rowing in the same direction. sucedieron The years and grew the optimism. It arrived also the Geographic Indication Protected for the chicken and capón of The Prat, and that humble contest-exposure, turned into Fair Avícola, has finished consolidating finally like exponent
imborrable Of the culture of this city.

The future of our dear chickens has been our north from the beginning. To the achievement of this aim, to his survival and to the proliferation of his child have consecrated endeavours during all these years.

The crisis, added to the unavoidable effect of the step of the years, does that, for us, these current times are it of worry. The concretion of the project of creation of a coop-exposure with a model of non-profit management, that to way of alive museum maintain the llama of the chickens to level of territory, is today our main longing, and to attain it is indispensable the active participation and the maintenance of the commitment that always has showed the municipal administration.

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