Chicken of the Prat to the oven

Pollo del Prat al horno


1 Chicken of the Prat d`uns 2 kg
1 average Onion
1 mature Tomato
1 Canutillo of cinnamon
Nuts: orejones, plums or vegetable to the taste ...


Clean and cut the chicken in pieces and put them in a source of oven. Add the onion and the tomato troceados. Rociar With coñac and add the cinnamon and a glass of water. Cover everything with paper of aluminium.
Precalentar The oven to half temperature and enter the silver to half height.
The has to bake during two hours or more, until achieving the texture wished of the flesh.
While it goes baking, from time to time, has to turn it so that it gild uniformly. Add the nuts before it finish to bake the chicken.
This recipe can prepare in a cazuela of mud.
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